A Great Night In The Spitz

a film documentary
52min | UK | 2008 | Dir: Gea Russell & Ken Kamanayo

The Spitz music venue opened in 1996. Over 11 years The Spitz hosted more than 3000 concerts featuring the best in cutting edge music. It was forced to close in 2007 due to re-development of Old Spitalfields Market. This is a music documentary of the last ever event held at the Spitz on 27th September 2007; a concert over two floors featuring some of the best of London’s contemporary music scene… A Great Night In The Spitz.

A Great Night In The Spitz was inspired by Art Kane’s 1958 photo A Great Day In Harlem which featured the top jazz musicians of 1950s New York. A Great Night In The Spitz was shot entirely over the last 48 hours of The Spitz’s existence and portrays some of London’s top musicians with a special focus on the elite of London’s Black jazz musicians.

Director Jane Glitre said: ‘So much of The Spitz was about to become an invisible, silent memory. I felt it was essential to try and encapsulate some of that spirit by documenting the last night in 109, Commercial Street.

Based around an open live concert, key members of the UK’s music community dropped by to pay their last respects and to celebrate 11 years of great music.

Featured artists include: The Spitz Jazz Collective, Soweto Kinch, Gwyneth Herbert, Seb Rochford and Terry Edwards.

MOJO magazine is distraught at the thought of the Spitz closing its doors for good and all. It has served a world of vibrant, genuinely alternative music virtually single-handed.‘ MOJO

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